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Basic Introduction of CFXQuantum

As the investment landscape becomes more and more complex, investors are increasingly looking to new tools and new horizons for low-risk, high-return trading. CFXQuantum has built the ultimate tool for exactly this problem.

Using cutting-edge advances in blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing, we’ve developed a new platform for trading that automates optimization and low risk.

Our advanced trading system, Q-HATS, combined with our proprietary Digital Annealer (created in conjunction with Fujitsu and a University research team), gives us an edge in light-speed trading on both cryptocurrency and fiat exchanges that simply can’t be matched.

CFX Token holders can expect additional benefits, such as access to our exclusive Sentiment Index and ZEROONE trading platform perks. Finally, with our dream of building a truly groundbreaking Social Universal Raise Fund (or SURF) on the horizon, we’re also offering an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of one of the most impactful projects of the modern day.


Questions and Answers


Question 1 :- Please explain, What is CFXQuantum in brief? What motivated you to start this

Virgilio :- CFX Quantum is born to help anyone who desires to take advantage of the investment world but has not the know how, the tools or the experience to do this. Marco Mottana started this journey a long time ago, beginning in the USA and then going on in Italy where he introduced technical analysis. He has always had the mission to support common person entering the financial world. CFXQuantum was a natural consequence.

Question 2 :- What is the aim & vision of CFXQuantum?

Virgilio :- the absolute aim is to bring finance to everyone, even the poorest people in the World with the future Investment Fund we’ll launch: SURF. Vision is that today’s technology makes it possible to offer easy services that can allow anyone to profit at limited or near zero risk. As we do with ZERO ONE which is our disruptive offer.

Question 3:- What Problems CFX Solves?

Vigilio :- Regarding investment, People don’t know how to do them properly and even less the best way to do. CFX supports them deeply, making it easy and suggesting best movements to do. For those who do not wish to be active in trading there is ZERO ONE: no risk and 1% monthly return on Bitcoin without having anything to do! Not only that: it let them do all this on their fingertips, by clicking in the mobile wallet we’ ve created for them.

Question 4 :- What Are The Core Feature Of CFXQuantum That Can Attract More Users?

Vigilio :- They are certainly these ones, in brief:

1. It reaches everybody, not only blockchain experts: directly in their fingertips, trough its wallet, free, real time. Easy to use. How can you avoid to try if a friends tell you is convenient?

2. It is really disruptive, with its ZEROONE: zero loss in trading, 1% monthly return….ASK the billions of people who keep more money than they need to spend in Bank accounts or bonds what they think

3. CFX will buy back its token, every quarter, with 5% of its SALES, for 5 years. (not net profits)… and i twill BURN THEM! It’s huge, you know? If we look at potential there is a real, concrete possibility to make impressive return just beacuse of this.

One second: 5% will increase during gthe five years, up to 30%!, And this is going to create tremendous value on token

Question 5 :- What Are The Leading Utilities Of CFX Token In CFXQuantum Ecosystem?

Vigilio :- The CFXQ Token Hodler will use it to:
Pay commissions on Wallet-Exchange
Be paid for Referral activity
Obtain Aidrops and prizes for Sentiment Index participation
Have exclusive access to ZEROONE
Pay for a selection of products on ATS Sharing.

Question 6:- I see the potential of your coins as you will lock your coins from the IEO sale, and I want to ask if you sold IEOs or not, where do you plan to sell them? With the IEO price and in the future what will you list on Latoken?

Vigilio :- We’re in deep contact with Institutional Investors that, as typical, will not participate to IEO but we can tell you are deeply interested in our Project, most of all ZEROONE with Digital Annealer. It’s a service that any Bank of Fund would like to offer its customers and we feel quite confident to reach important deals in first year

Our token will be sold on La-Token and also on our App Wallet-exchange, since they will be used as partial payment of commissions, remember that Zeroone is accessible only to token holders.

Question 7:- Am tired of making losses in my crypto trading, can you please tell me if you offer ASSET MANAGEMENT SERVICES An what are the requirements and procedures involved?

Vigilio :- Even if today it does not controll it, CFX Quantum has created another Company in UK – CFX Finance – completely focused on Asset Management. It is right now in the process of obtaining FCA Authorizations and once ready it will be incorporated in CfX Quantum, giving all info you require!

Remember also that Zeroone product is a way to stake your crypto and obtain a result every month.
No more trading needed.

Question 8:- What are the core features that CFXQuantum has that can attract more users to the project?

Vigilio :- We can certainly say these are the major ones:
It reaches everybody, directly in their hands, through our wallet on their phone! Easy to use and with direct access to our Crypto-exchange and services.
It disrupt the market with Zeroone on Revolutionary Fujitsu Digital Annealer Technology! ZERO PER CENT LOSS OF TRADING AND 1% MONTHLY RETURN!
It arrives 1 to 1, through one of the most expert Sharing Team who has alreay achieved over 5 millions Customers in their past. With Social Word and our Free app on Mobile we can really create big numbers.
Add to this that every quarter the company spends 5% of its sales to BUYBACK TOKEN and…BURN THEM!

Question 9:- What does your partnership with Khalifa University bring to CFX? What is the line of research developed between the two? thanks!

Vigilio :- Very very important. With Prof. Damiani and Khalifa University the team of CFX/SmartXchange is working on POC – Proof of Concept – of Digital Annealer applied to arbitrage trading. First non official results have been extraordinary but it is needed another few months to officialize them. From that moment, we can really say this….CFX will fly to the moon.

Question 10 :- Marketing is a central element for every project, so that everyone knows the potential that a project can bring is vital to achieve the goals set. What is your strategy to attract new users and investors to CfxQuantum and keep them long term?

Vigilio :- we agree, marketing is of top importance and that’s exactly what Virgilio and his team have been doing fro over 20 years with tremendous success: WOM marketing!!

Question 11:- DeFi is the new frontier and buzzing in 2020, do you consider DEFI and what roles does you play in innovativeness of DeFi?

Vigilio :- We’ll certainly be a DeFi company, as we agree with you: this is the future, for sure!!!

Question 12:- What are the main utility and real-life usage of the $CFX token? What is the leading Utility of $CFX on CFXQuantum ecosystem? what is tokenomics of it? Why should we invest in $CFX? can you explain please? and As an investor, why should we invest in the CFXQuantum project as a long-term investment?

Marco Mottana :- So let’s make a sinthesys:
CFXQ token is meant to be the base method to exchange value betwen the company and Token Hodlers.
Who owns the token will be exclusively entitled to enter into Zeroone,
He will be able to pay for part of commissions of the Exchange and other products that will come after Zeroone:
Then we will have a selection of real life products in the ATS marketplace.
The Holder will benefit from our strong buyback and burn plan based on the turnover of the company.
The economic model of CFX QUantum is based on commissions for the ecvhange (minor part) and OVER-Performance FEES.
Over performance fees means that first we give 1% of result net to customer and then we take the difference in performance to pay for expenses and earnings of the company.

Question 13:- What are the partners of CFX Quantum?

Virgilio :- Main CFX Quantum partners are SmartXchange and Fujitsu. We also work with several other partner among which Swissequote and PayersTech for CFX FInance (which now is not already in CFX Quantum).

Question 14:- Who are the business partners of CFXQuantum? What are your planning to work with them?

Vigilio :- It would bee too long to respond in detail: we certainly tried to take the best of these technologies according to our main target; MILLENNIALS and Average Common person. We are not after savvy investors: they are a minority, chased by everyone.

Question 15:- CFX QUANTUM, brings an ecosystem based on Quantum and Blockchain technology, for the new investors, what are the positive characteristics they took from each technology respectively to offer the best to their users?

Macro Mottana :- The Quantum technology is the Digital Annealer and the specific formulas we use on that chip that allows for unprecedented speed of calculations:
The Blockchain, beside the deployment of CFXQ Token and the Wallet-Exchange used, will then be used to store Sentiment data and to deploy new Security tokens for investors, like the SURF FUND project.

Question 16:- Currently, there are many projects under development, So why should we choose your project and not others? What are the advantages of your project over to other project?

Vigilio :- The differnce about our project is that it is REALITY,not “FORECAST”: Wallet will be active DAY 1, so as Crypto-exchange and AS ZERO ONE! We’ve today, not in FUTURE YEARS!

Question 17:- DeFi is the new frontier and buzzing in 2020, do you consider DEFI and what roles does you play in innovativeness of DeFi?

Marco Mottana :- Quite and important issue.
We surely want to shift to DEFI in the 2021 We deeply believe in this but first we concentrated to be at top level in trading and money management technology, now will make the next step to DEFI.

Question 18:- Point out the unique features of CFX Quantum project if i’m to choose this project over to other competitive porjects?


Question 19:- The financial markets, cryptos market … all fell due to the covid-19 epidemic. Does this affect your project development plan?

Vigilio :- we’re an online company, that does not require any phisical presence to anyone. We consider very very very lucky in this COVID 10 drama.

Marco Mottana :- We worked ten times more during Covid…. since we are ONLINE as you know many people discovered how is better using an APP then going to Bank, the power of online webinars and so on… All these are our daily instruments of work.
Moreover, we do give an alternative POSITIVE View against the negativity of most people.

Question 20:- Token price directly proportional with project development, but trader often careless about it and just think about profit. How do CFX Quantum convincing trader/investor to invest on CFXQ ?

Vigilio :- our strategy to arrive in the world is based on 1. Certification of POC and Systems 2. WOM Marketing 3. Disruptive approach to market with Surf fund.

Question 21:- Cfxq makes use of the Referral System ATS. Does the high quality of the products distributed by it affect the price of the token or does only the number of subscriptions matter? If yes, is it convenient for token buyers to also sign up for the referral program?

Vigilio :- Price of token will be mainly affected by CFX QUantum results. These will depend on the number of people who will open a Wallet on their phones; by how many will enter the exchange with FIAT money; by how many will decide to profit with ZERO ONE with no actiivity of trading necessary. Even with the least optimistic view…..we can only be enthusiastic about prospectives.

Question 22:- Why have you prefered ETH ERC20 Blockchain, what are the advantages?

Vigilio :- The actual ETH ERC20 Blockchain is still the most robust and viable place to issue tokens. Our Smart Contract has features that allow improvement changes, burning, freezing, whitelisting,
We may explore new solutions when we will switch do DEFI.

Question 23:- Which countries are the main markets that CFX Quantum is focusing now?

Vigilio :- Now we are focusing in Europe!

Question 24:- What are your strategies to expand CFX Quantum throughout the world? What markets represent a target for CFX Quantum?

Vigilio :- We enter the Global market via Social Users that we reach mouth by mouth with experienced field of referrals. We’ ll start in Europe and we plan to expand outside our Continent at the end of 2021. From there we don’t see real challenges as our products and services are all on-line and do not require physical activity.

Question 25:- What is special about the so-called Wallet-Exchange “CFX? What are the benefits for a trader and non-trader? And finally, does a user have to undergo KYC before he can deposit or withdraw funds+crypto assests?

Vigilio :- CFX Wallet exchange has some very special features:
It allows FIAT money to buy cryptos
It allows to reach ZEROONE to any CFXQ token holder
It allows to earn Credits for referral activity with Partner ATS Sharing Ltd
It gives access to CFX Crypto-exchange with just a few clicks on own phone
Will have different services to support access to crypto world and make a sound investment rather than a loss like many have to support

About KYC, it’s mandatory by law for all movements regarding Fiat money above 150 euro, and if you want to earn from referrals since we have to know who is earning money from us. To unlock limits, you have to verify your identity with very fast and easy steps.

Question 26:- The biggest barrier for newcomers in the crypto space today is buying and withdraw with FIAT, how secure and robust is your FIAT GATEWAY and what currencies are currently available for me in local use?

Vigilio :- Our Fiat gateway is already in use by several 100.000 people, since we did not want to risk anything we took it from a major company in the sector. And the price is quite competitive. Up to now is available in EUR but will be available in other currencies soon.

Question 27:- What difficulties are you faced or facing to bring partnerships or mass adoption, while blockchain seemed as a scam in the common people? How are you going through this?

Vigilio :- You’re right, there are big challenges because of recent past years fraudolent activity by many “ICO’s” better to forget and for the general ignorance and resistance from present companies in traditional market. We certainly exploited our Founder strong professional image on the market. He has been the guy to bring Technical Analysis in Italy, back in 1987 (..!). Most importanti s the breaktrough we’ ve made with ZEROONE on Fujitsu Digital Annealer chip. Impressive for everybody: FACTS and not WORDS, in a few words!

Question 28:- As a project with a strong community, what supports do you need from we members? How can we help CFXQuantum?

Vigilio :- Every member can be also one of our best refererral. He can join his forces in our strategic commercial Partner, ATS Limited, and have great satisfaction helping his friends and contacts to have our services.

Question 29:- We are witnessing many projects enter blockchain industry with very good plans, promise to do good work but disappear in time and lose community.
So without not lose believers, how can CFXQuantum survive this long and challenging blockchain ?

Vigilio :- We perfectly know this often happens with younger generations. We are not young, neither inexperienced people. We’ve over 30 years under our belt and we’re focused on long term, not next 2 or 3 years alone. You will understand how much this counts and creates a real difference.

Question 30:- Due to LEVERAGE TRADING, lots of dollars keep getting liquidated, so how can CFXQUANTUM be of solutions to us on multiple exchanges, would you have an API Which can be linked to my exchanges.

Vigilio :- To be sincere our exchange APP is already linked with several exchanges to provide the best price and liquidity at any time. We are not providing leverage trading (which is quite risky even for professional traders), since the actual platform is for “non professional traders” but meant for people that want to create a personal portfolio and earn results from Zeroone.
The next app due end of 2021 will be a totally new concept allowing to give unprecedented tools and tie several exchanges trough API, so that you will control your balance and make trades in one only environment.

Question 31:- What critical problems do you see occuring in the blockchain industry nowadays?? How does you #CFX coin aim to solve these problems??

Vigilio :- In our opinion one of the major problems in this new-born Industry is that is still too young.
Too much inexperience; too much freedom to do whatever one wants without taking care of others; too few real rules; lack of control. All this doesn’t make an Industry. But it is important to let it grow in the very first, critical years. Now it has come the time to become serious, we believe.

Question 32:- How can you guarantee we users adequate security on CFXQuantum? What security technology do you use?

Vigilio :- Security is the most important issue in the Blockchain and mobile world.
The Wallet-exchange app has pin and fingerprint access, it’s a transactional Wallet and the private keys are not stored within the app, so there is no risk of losses for phone stolen or hacked.
The solution is hosted on secure servers and databases are backed up with high frequency. The KYC is also another security feature.
About ZEROONE product, the wallets used are multisig hosted in one of the major insured players of the market. More details will be released before the launch of Zeroone.

Question 33:- How can i enjoy of the tools CFX Quantum offers?

Vigilio :- The first release is a easy to use transactional wallet APP on mobile phones (IOS and Android). With exchange capability, fast execution and competitive pricing, actually working with 15 major Cryptos, going to be constantly increased.
The CFXQ token (listed on LA Token from 30 sept 2020 and others will come) will be also on the wallet and the “Credit” Token of ATS Sharing (which is not tradable), so that if you participate to ATS sharing you will see your balance updated.
Then the ZEROONE product will be launched in October 2020 and during 2021 a more sophisticated app with trading tools will be launched for traders.

Question 34:- What are ways by which #CFX network generates profit/revenue to maintain project. What is your revenue model?
How it can be win win situation for both investors and project?

Vigilio :- Revenue model is based on Exchange fees (mostly to cover expenses) and ZEROONE Out performance fees. We believe that an average 0.5% a month on global assets deposited in wallets could be earned. While the stakers will get 1% a month at zero risk.
From this we will buyback and burn CFXQ token from 5% the first year to 30% the fifth year giving a Win Win environment for all.

Question 35:- Tell us about your plans for 2020, what are you currently working on, and are you going to expand the list of big exchanges?

Vigilio :- Yes, we’ll enlarge the list of exchanges. Beside that, our main focus is the launch of all our products and services, that will happen with the greatest probability: Wallet; Cryptoexchange; ZEROONE will be on immediately after listing!

Question 36:- How did the idea of creating CFX Quantum come about? What are you currently focused on?

Vigilio :- Marco Mottana started over 30 years ago Technical Analysis in the USA, working for very experienced Wall Street Company (COMART Inc.): He came back to Italy bringing for first time the Analysis and Trading System which, at that time, were very very hard to execute (no on line world existed in 1987). It was a passion, real passion, that now is arriving at its peak with CFX and ZEROONE!

Question 37:- What are the major features available on CFXQuantum that makes you a perfect project?Some projects are dead because they don’t have enough funds. How does CFXQuantum generate revenue to sustain the project?

Vigilio :- CFX Quantum has every single feature necessary to reach its goal. We know this after 30 years in the market, not after 30 months …Testing testing testing is the name of the game. And experience, most important. Add to these the advantages of new technologies, the Big Brands names such as Fujitsu around us, the willingness to arrive at final meta with a long term strategy and you have the perfect pie, we believe. As far as funds you’ll see that we’ll never be in need. Never. Our revenues will be constant and multisource: from commissions; from services; from crypto managent of ZERO ONE, as large principal source1.

Question 38:- About CFX Quantum website, I try to open it through the link that writen on twitter, but I can’t access it. Whats happened with you website?

Vigilio :- Can you specify the timing? Everything is all right, maybe we had a moment down. If you tell us the moment we can confirm, thank you.

Question 39:- Can you tell about the 3 special uses of the CFXQ Token that you think the community loves? What are the advantages of holding a CFXQ token and is there a token depletion mechanism in the CFXQ ECOSYSTEM to create scarcity?

Vigilio :- People will certainly love CFXQ Token to be able to participate in our Cryptoexchange, even if they can do it also with FIAT money. But with tokens they’ll have small privileges. They will also be able to have ZEROONE, which is our disruptive product at zero risk/1% monthly return. And also be able to buy products and services they love from our Parnert mega store. Even more important the fact that CFXQ buys back with 5% of its sales revenue token issued in the market. And burns them: the best way to create scarcity, as you know.

Question 40:- I am an ETHICAL HACKER AND EXPERIENCED DEVELOPER, do you have plans for HACKATHON or BUG BOUNTY so as to check the security of your ecosytem periodically?

Vigilio :- We’re talking about it, but more time is needed to give conclusion right now.

Question 41:- CFX QUANTUM, brings an ecosystem based on Quantum and Blockchain technology, for the new investors, what positive characteristics they took from each technology respectively? to offer the best to their users.

Vigilio :- We took out the possibility to arrive FIRST in the market and leave NO DOUBT on any of our transactions: that means we reached a pure, impossible dream for older generations of traders

Question 42:- Currently, there are many projects under development, so why should we choose your project and not others? What are the advantages of your project over other projects?

Vigilio :- In two words? Practice rather than Theory! We’ll be ready with all our main features immediately after ICO, not one or two years later. We’re already testing ZEROONE concept, wallet is fool prove, such as exchange and all our systems. How many others can say the same?

Question 43:- What are the major features available on CFXQuantum that makes you a perfect project?

Vigilio :- It is FAST, with the clear possibility to arrive FIRST in the market to have best prices. Always.
It is DISRUPTIVE, because no one ever created something like ZEROONE with its results
IT is FOR EVERYBODY, as it reaches anyonem on his fingertips!
IT cretes SCARCITY and therefore VALUE for its buyback and burning program

Question 44:- Cfxq makes use of the Referral System ATS. Does the high quality of the products distributed by it affect the price of the token or does only the number of subscriptions matter? If yes, is it convenient for token buyers to also sign up for the referral program?

Vigilio :- Rice of token will be mainly affected by CFX QUantum results. These will depend on the number of people who will open a Wallet on their phones; by how many will enter the exchange with FIAT money; by how many will decide to profit with ZERO ONE with no actiivity of trading necessary. Even with the least optimistic view…..we can only be enthusiastic about prospectives.

Question 45:- You mention Quantum technology on Whitepaper by Fujitsu cooperation on chips named “Digital Annealer”. Could you tell about those chips and their capacity? How will you evolve quantum and blockchain ?

Vigilio :- We could write thousands of pages, as this is one of the real breaktrough in technology. We prefer to say, in our specific field (finance) that it gives the possibility to make transactions at light speed velocity. What does it mean? Even if it seems “too good to be true”… it means THAT WE’LL BE THE FIRST TO SEE THE PRICE, every time. We think this is more worth than anything else

Question 46:- What critical problems do you see occurring in the blockchain industry nowadays? What’s your aim to solve these problems & how will you solve? For example,
Trust is very important in business, what makes investors, customers and users feel safe when working with you?

Vigilio :- You named the critical problems, Arthur: trust and credibility are really really low for such an high standard Industry. But look around you: full of people who are clear scammers, who can succeed trough the help of those who should control them. Result? A disaster. And now every serious actor is paying the price for other’s faults. What do we do? We are serious persons, first of all, and we act that way. It doesn’t mean we don’t like to laugh, it means that we are serious when we say we do something. And we do it. In a transparent way, under each person’s eyes. And we follow the rules, praying there will be MORE, not less. That is what WE can do, by ourselves.

Question 47:- PRIVACY, SECURITY and SCALABILITY are the major THREATS we all face in this BLOCKCHAIN INDUSTRY now, how does CFX QUATUM plan to solve this PROBLEMS?

Vigilio :- You said it right Samuel. Again we could write hundreds of page. We prefer to tell you that it is over 30 years that we operate with the most advanced systems in the market. And that’s because we know how to do it properly. And we do it, every day

Question 48:- MARKETING is the GREATEST STRATEGY for a PROJECT SUCCESS, one of the marketing strategies is BUILDING A STRONG and BIG COMMUNITY?

Vigilio :- We completely agree with you, Selvi. And the luck of CFX Quantum is that its Founder and CEO, Marco Mottana, is a great technician and analyst but fully understands why marketing is great. This is the reason for which he partnered with the best in Marketing, in his Cowntry – Italy. With them the stategy has already been decided: we’ll create one of the largest community world wide, where everyone will be attracted. Becase everyone will find exactly what he needs or is looking for: friends; products; services; games; finance; income; profits. And much much more. We don’t envision like stupid ones that don’t even know where to start: we know exactly – from our same experience and our partner’s – what is needed. And we’ll do it, be sure of that.

Question 49 :- What are your Strategies in building a strong and big Community?
What countries does your GREAT PROJECT focus or target right now?

Vigilio :- We’ll focus on something that in todays world seems to be forgotten: HONESTY. With these will attract people in a safer world, never saying more than what is true and never tryng to “convince” someone. We’ll let try and live first experiences. Who will love this, will stay. And will be incentivized to call others with him. Who will not will go, with no damage for him and no blame from us. We’ll start in Europe than move in other Continents: in 5 years we’ll be every where in the world as the Social world will be our map

Question 50:- Are there any special benefits or advantages available for long-term holders of $CFX token? Why should I hold?

Vigilio :- As explained the burning feature based on actual quarterly turnover of the company will be increased up to 30% the fifth year. And there will be always exclusive benefits and products for token holders.

Question 51:- What kind of blockchain is CFX Quantum? And, how will CFX Quantum solve major blockchain problems such as lack of scalability and security, lack of standardization: limited interoperability and Integration with legacy systems?

Vigilio :- We do use ERC20 Tokens on Ethereum Blockchain. To be sincere we cannot address the global problems you are talking about, we are not involved into the development of blockchain world, but we will “surf” always the best solutions over time, our focus is customer money safety and earnings.

Question 52:- How CFXQuantum maintains and controls flexibility, cost and security which three important things on blockchain?

Vigilio :- We do believe that the collaborative effort and partnering are the best solutions to maintain flexibility, cost effectiveness and security. We do use only technologies that are already proved to work fine from third parties, are cost effective cause used from many players and already passed real life security tests.

Question 53:- We see more and more Defi appearing based on Ethereum. Currently, Ethereum also plans to build its own version 2.0 to solve the scalability problem. So, what is CFXQUANTUM’s plan to develop DEFI and solve the scalability problem?

Vigilio :- We will address this in 2021 towards a new DEFI app.

Question 54:- Trust and Security are vital fundamental in crypto space today, so how Secure are you to avoid hacking and sybil attacks?

Vigilio :- Our CTO’s and partners are between the most expert in the Security sector. We have a highly effective AWS hosted solution with multiple servers and security layers.

Question 55:- How do you plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries where English is not spoken well?
Do you have local communities for the them to let them better understand about your project?

Vigilio :- We will create local communities worldwide, and not only online, that is in our DNA

Question 56:- If CFX QUATUM and other COMPETITORS were to convince us,
What FEATURES can you HIGHLIGHT that beats other COMPETITORS?

Vigilio :- Ease of Use even for common people, stable results over time, the Quantum technology exploited.

Question 57:- DeFi is a buzz up in 2020 and is on everybody lips, what ROLES does Conflux play in the innovativeness and future of DeFi and how does it spearhead adoption of DeFi using blockchain solution?

Vigilio :- Conflux has an interesting position but we will make our own Defi strategy and deployment over 2021,

Question 58:- What security features will be implemented in CFX Quantum to prevent theft due to an error in the smart contract. Will the code be audited to identify vulnerabilities?

Vigilio :- The code is audited and has an improvement function embedded. Will publish soon the result on Git Hub.

Question 59:- What experience does CFXQuantum team have in blockchain and Crypto? Can you confidently say CFXQuantum team is a blockchain expert?

Vigilio :- We do work constantly with major Blockchain experts since we are not “born” in blockchain. We believe that Blockchain has to be used so that benefits override costs not just as a fits all solution.

Question 60:- You mention Quantum technology on Whitepaper by Fujitsu cooperation on chips named “Digital Annealer”. Could you tell about those chips and their capacity? How will you evolve quantum and blockchain?

Vigilio :- The Quantum Annealer by Fujitsu is a recent development that gave impressive results not only in testing but also in real life.
The difference from actual Quantum computer is that the cost and management are at least ten times less expensive with Fujitsu solution and the results in Qbit may even be better on specific algos.
The Quantum annealer is specialized in finding the optimal solution over a set of variables at unprecedented speed. That is the most perfect function for investment issues. In particular for Arbitrage calculations and finding optimal portfolio of assets.
Thanks to our experience in the financial world we will exploit it at best.

Question 61:- One of the biggest problems with DApps is the inactive and useless state. People only create DApps but it has no use case or contribution to the blockchain ecosystem. To prevent and solve this problem that can occur on the CFX Quantum platform, what will your team do?

Vigilio :- We do not create DApps for the sake of this… we do only what is really needed in our product to be deployed at best and useful for our community.

Question 62:- Zeroone technology seems definitively disruptive on it’s own, and allowing general public to take advantage of such technology at the tip of their fingers seems pretty disruptive too. On top of that, there is the SURF Fund aimed at helping out really poor people. Are you planning to change the world?

Vigilio :- The World is constantly changing. Our aim is to be of help to the biggest possible number of people to be more active in improving the world. Yes, our aim is to fulfill our life not only with profits or being famous, but to create something that will stay for long and be good for our children and any future generation.


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Website :- https://token.cfxquantum.com

Telegram Community :- http://t.me/CFXQuantumGroup

Twitter :- https://twitter.com/CfxQuantum

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