22 Mar

We are glad to meet you here to

Mr. Stoyan Angelov (CEO)

Mr. Anton Aladzhov (CCO)

Mr. Rick (CTO)

Mr. George (CLO)

Lets start from my 1st Question…..

Question 1:- Why did you choose project name as Evedo?

Stoyan Angelov :- EVEDO was chosen by the founding team after few brainstorming sessions and interaction with our advisory board with 15 + high end professionals that we work with. The meaning of the name is ( EVENTS + DO ) and gives idea that the platform is for creating events. That is the main meaning. Also from design and branding point is very reasonable 🤞.

Question 2:- Can you please explain Evedo and your role at Evedo as CEO?

Stoyan Angelov :- We are building a global platform that aims to bring innovative technologies that will help the industry to work more transparently and securely. We are building 2 platforms: a B2B platform, connecting all the participants in the organization of a single event (event organizers, promoters, artists, singers, conference speakers, any kind of performers, venues & clubs, brands) and a B2C ticket sales platform. With implementing Blockchain, we are going to achieve our goal and will use smart contracts to secure every relation in the platforms. I am Founder & CEO of the project with experience in the events & entertainment industry also with experience in the startup, technology and blockchain sphere.

My everyday work is managing the whole process of building the product, growing the business development and secure key partnerships. I am glad that I am working with amazing team of professionals and everybody push their everyday and strategic tasks aiming to deliver everything in our roadmap: https://www.evedo.co/#roadmap 👌

Question 3:- Do you have more leads now because of the cancelation nightmare artists, venues, … are witnessing? How’s the team?

Stoyan Angelov :- Very very good and relevant question. As all of you know – one of the most affected industries because of the pandemic is the live events industry. Most of the conferences, concerts, festivals, meetups etc. are postponed or cancelled. This is huge damage to the industry and nobody knows what the final result will be. It is nightmare for every event organizer now to handle all the effects caused by the global situation. Actually here the case of using secure and transparent platforms is more than valuable. The whole situation will affect as more attention the the blockchain solutions regarding organizing events and selling tickets.

The team now is focusing on the online events and very soon we will announce our specific products for webinars and online conferencing. It is frustrating what is happening with the whole industry but we are trying to make the useful move for the project now 🙏

Question 4:- The main purpose of evedo are event organizing. So my question is how to work your Smart contract on this special purpose and what is difference between normal smart contract and your project smart contract?

Stoyan Angelov :- Our smart contracts are “normal”. Smart contracts are pieces of code that exist on the blockchain that cannot be changed maliciously. once they are published they exist that way permаnently.

In Еvedo, we will use smart contracts to manage the agreements between event partners (organizers, venues, entertainers, service providers) in the B2B and the consumer in the B2C. that means that no party can “steal” someone else’s share, the software makes the decisions, removing the “human” element makes it a better experience for all those that have a stake in the event.

Funds are collected and held in escrow (at 0% fee to Еvedo) until the end of the event, and if no disputes areаs, we can pay each partner directly. In the event of a cancellation or dispute, we can directly refund the consumers that purchase their tickets from our platфorm (if they are a holder of a digital ticket issued by us) or in dispute we can hold court in repudiation until it is resolved.

Only events being driven by our B2B will employ these smart contracts and digital tickets at 0% commission. Еvedo will also be available to ticketing customers not using blockchain/crypto for competitive rates.

Question 5:- As per your Roadmap, you are going to list EVED token in two new exchanges? Any updates on this? because there is no updates about listing yet.

Stoyan Angelov :- Yes. Now we have open conversations with 20+ exchanges for listing EVED. If you see our roadmap ( https://www.evedo.co/#roadmap ) you can see that we have scheduled new exchange listings every quarter. We are working to choose the most valuable exchanges for our project and step by step we are going to achieve the roadmap goals 🙏.

Question 6:- You have been working on your project since 2018. What are the Major milestone you have achieved in last two year?

Stoyan Angelov :- For the last 2 years of hard working with the team we manage to launch our 2 marketplaces. Our B2C ticket sales platform is LIVE and working ( https://www.evedo.co/tickets ) and our B2B platform as ALPHA ( https://alpha.evedo.co/ ) Now we are onboarding event organizers and industry businesses from around the globe. With the current situation we are focusing now on webinars and online events. We also have our token launched and we are developing the token step by step ( https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/evedo/ ).
It is really important to mention here that we are also building the infrastructure to develop the health of the EVED token, listing the token in new exchanges and planning to list in more exchanges for the next 1 year. Check our updated roadmap here: https://www.evedo.co/#roadmap. Apart from the products themselves we’ve raised capital from different investors, became part of the Master Ventures accelerator program, did a successful IEO last year and our token has been listed on 4 platforms, two of which are top 10 on coinmarketcap. so far and we have open communication about. We’ve gathered an amazing advisory board with 6 key advisors and over 10 more that help us with the decisions and execution of the products. They range from key figures in the event industry and entertainment business, investors and tech entrepreneurs etc.

Question 7:- Why you have thought of moving the Event Industry Businesses on Blockchain and Evedo is the platform that “connects” the event industry, so why Evedo needs a token?

Stoyan Angelov :- One of the main factors that inspired Us to tokenize the event industry is the opportunity to introduce transparency, security and automation into this dynamic commercial field. Both processes (event organizing and the sale of tickets) involve numerous transactions and long ‘lockup periods’. With consideration to the large scale of the industry and the important problems which are solved through the Evedo Project, We have created ideal conditions for the wide adoption of the EVED Token and accordingly steady increase in their demand due to the limited supply. In general, the best application of a utility token is where there is an ecosystem of multiple players interacting with one another. We have setup numerous value generation points across the Evedo Platforms and once operational, the circulation of the token is designed to keep its utilization mainly in the platform and to attract more and more purchase orders from the outside world. This creates the viable tokenomics model behind the project.

Question 8:- I commend the bold step taken by @evedotoken to build a Blockchain platform to bridge the gap between socialites and the Music/event Industry. What are the partnership made with big event companies, celebrities and artists that would help catalyse the development of your project?

Stoyan Angelov :- So far we have a number of announced partnerships with strategic partner. Platforms like Drooble ( a social platform for musicians worldwide ) https://blog.drooble.com/evedo-shaking-up-the-industry-one-event-at-a-time/ Also you can check some of the entertainers that we work so far here: https://app.evedo.co/entertainers . We have open conversations with 100 + entertainer, event organizers, venues etc and on a daily base we are moving forward. As much relevant companies and people we onboard as better for the faster adoption of the Evedo platforms. Have in mind that with the online ticketing ( https://www.evedo.co/tickets ) now we are moving even faster … even on the current pandemic situation worldwide.

Thank you for all these amazing questions! ✔️

Question 9:- What is working process of evedo and which problems of real world EVEDO try to solves them?

Stoyan Angelov :– We are building 2 platforms: a B2B platform, connecting all the participants in the organization of a single event (event organizers, promoters, artists, singers, conference speakers, any kind of performers, venues & clubs, brands) and a B2C ticket sales platform. With implementing Blockchain, we are going to achieve our goal and will use smart contracts to secure every relation in the platforms.

Question 10:- I think #Evedo is bridge between the B2B and B2C then why did you created #Evedo token because traditional Fiat is enough🤔 what are the advantages and benefits of Evedo token compared to the traditional Fiat ?

Rick :- We cannot put fiat into a smart contract. we are automating agreements between event partners, collecting their revenues, and automating the payouts.. you cannot do all that with fiat in a smart contract. At the end of the day, everyone will receve their value in whatever money system they agree to.

Question 11:- Alive in bear crypto market is really difficult, many projects are far away their target, so what are Evedo’s formula to survive in long road?

Stoyan Angelov :- A very good question. It is really hard to survive nowadays as a small startup. In our DNA is the bootstrapping and highly motivation of the team to achieve our goals. I don’t think that there is a universal formula but now seeing that we are already bringing real value to our clients is more than motivational. Our goal is to be self sustainable very soon and not to depend on additional funding to operate💪.

Goerge :- Once the platform is operational, we will no longer rely on the market to increase the price of the token. The demand will be driven by the platform itself. Not many projects made the link between the demand on their platforms and the market. We will do exactly that.

Question 12:- Could events of all themes be organized? even if it was content not suitable for infants (gun shows, politics)?

Evedo is the Amazon of events? how would you classify it?

Stoyan Angelov :- Exactly. We are universal platform that is valuable for any type of events. Building the marketplaces we will bring value to any size and kind of event organizers, performers, venues, brands, service companies etc.

Question 13:- You have established a partnership with Drooble. what is the importance of this partnership for your projects and Evedo?

How do you evaluate the future of the entertainment and music industry?

Stoyan Angelov :- It is really hard now to say what will happen with the LIVE event industry. What I can say 100% is that the industry will never be the same after the pandemic. Have in mind that all the situation will also bring opportunities for innovative companies like ours. With Drooble we are going to give the opportunity for more gigs of the musicians 👍

Question 14:- Many projects have death because of bear market and COVID-19, how will you survive this? ❤️

Goerge :- As Stoyan mentioned, we are innovating by evolving towards the online streaming of webinars. So we are not sitting and waiting for the bad market conditions to affect us.

Question 15:- Mr. Stoyan

Unfortunately, both the coronavirus and the bad market have made investors completely hopeless. How do you evaluate the current developments? Covid-19 caused many events to be canceled. Maybe this process will take much longer. This situation has affected your work in the direction?

Rick :- The show must go on! events will still take place, we believe that there will be a shift in the events industry due to this, but we are seeing converences and festivals continuing to deliver the goods, even if it is virtual.

Question 16:- What kind of restrictions does EVEDO have regarding an event? Is EVEDO available for which countries or does it have border limits?

Stoyan Angelov :- There are no border limits at all. For the moment the platforms are only in English and this give us some limitations of the current markets that we are approaching. The idea is to adopt the platform for worldwide usage 🤞

Question 17:- Currently, there are many strong developing projects, so why should we choose Evedo and not others? What in Evedo makes you more confident than other projects?

George :- Which one of these projects made the link between their platform and the free market so that any purchase on their platform is a buy order on the market? We will do exactly that.

Question 18:- What is Locktrip chain? What is the ROLE Locktrip to EVEDO ecosystem?

Stoyan Angelov :- The partnership with Locktrip is one of the most valuable partnerships so far. In our roadmap is to adopt their upcoming blockchain and also to do a special products for the event attendees. Here is some more information about our partnership: https://medium.com/evedo/evedo-teams-up-with-locktrip-8ccccff35892

Question 19:- Without using blockchain, some centralised companies like MKG also offer your services and they are successful. So why are you using blockchain??

George :- Because our aim is to decentralize the event industry and to have many processes automated on the blockchain. We are dedicated to utilize the power of smart contracts to create transparency, clear ledger of events where there is a dispute and there is no current project that gathers the ecosystem in one place on the market. Blockchain is perfect for automation and security of the platform.

Question 20:- How do you provide support for large companies and organizations that want to organize events? What events are accepted? What procedures need to be followed to purchase event tickets?

Stoyan Angelov :- About purchasing event tickets you can check some of the events that are LIVE now and selling tickets. Check this one: https://tickets.evedo.co/events/conferences/sheleader-conference/14/ The logic of the ticket sales are not so different than the other ticketing platforms. We have also a social media functionality and a valuable admin panel providing information details about the attendees and a check in control panel.
Check this video to see more about the admin features: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjngesQL12E&t=

Question 21:- Is it possible that $EVEDO will be list on largest cryptocurrency exchanges like huobi, bitmex especially binance in the near future?

George :- It is definitely possible but we’d rather create certainty for the community by boosting the demand for the token on the platform itself so that it creates liquidity as planned

Question 22:- How do you see the future of the Evedo ecology of the community economy? Is this a Evedo model full of opportunities or what?

George :- It is definitely boosting a more transparent, efficient and secure full-stack ecosystem where opportunities for everyone involved are made accessible. Imagine that you have more information than ever which is tailored to your necessities and you can communicate directly with anyone that you actually need to create your event and make it viable. It’s massive!

Question 23:- so your project does seem to be promising, but we have seen many of the project team member desert the team and project for some unknown reasons and how can you ensure that your core team members will remain committed to this project?

George :- We started the project in the bear market. We endured so far and will do until it is successful. All team members know that it requires time and efforts. So we have to take it to a successful end together.

Question 24:- Why did you choose B2B and B2C marketplaces? Isn’t it better to focus on just one market? Can you give and overwiew of this choise?

Stoyan Angelov :- We are building both platforms because they exist in synergy. Onboarding event organizers to sell tickets through the platform is a step to onboard them in our B2B and bring them value there The strategy and the only good move now is to focus more on webinars and online events 🙏

Question 25:- Do you have any plan to implement burn mechanism or something to reduce the supply?

George :- We have a very limited supply on the market. We don’t need burn mechanisms because the demand from the platform can be more than enough to trigger the price increase. We are focusing on this rather than on other tricks.

Question 26:- Now that COVID-19 has stopped many events from holding, if this should last a year, how will it affect evedo that normally organise these events??

Stoyan Angelov :- As we mentioned and answered on a similar questions above – YES it affect the industry and our work a lot. Focusing on online events is now what we are working on. The online conferencing, concerts, webinars are exploding right now and we have a big opportunity now 🤟

Question 27:- What are the steps to follow if I want an event with many lights, how would EVEDO act? How does EVEDO act regarding payments after the end of an event?

George :- So the process is to create an event, and to check the necessary categories of partners that you need and are listed on the platform. You get in touch with them on the platform. You negotiate, get into smart contracts locking payments until deliveries of services or goods are done and then once you receive what you agreed payments are released. The same with the events – once successfully done – the smart contracts release the payments to the event organizers.

Question 28:- Could you afford to run non-profit or charitable events?

George :- Yes. Non-profit events can sell their free tickets.

Question 29:- I have contact with youtuber gamers, is it possible that an online game could be created and the event published in Evedo and that an entrance fee has to be paid to enter the server of my game?

Stoyan Angelov :- This sounds interesting. Please contact me for more details because I see some synergies. About the topics – we are open for any topics. We can serve any kind of event organizers 🤞

Question 30:- Technology isn’t a standstill thing, does Evedo team members always keep themselves abreast with latest happenings and technological developments in their various fields? as this is the ladder you would need to climb in other to achieve your set objectives.

Rick :- I have been coding and making websites since the 90s, we wouldnt be here today if were standing still. Ive been present and watched the tech industry grow up, but we are still in the wild west days of it all realistically. Our team needs to expand horizontally, vertically we have everything we need!

Question 31:- Whats the Current Major problems Such as High fees,etc in E-Commerce payments system, Which Evedo project is trying to solve as well as How Evedo solve that problems ?

George :-

  1. Higher prices of tickets due to secondary black markets;
  2. Time loss and poor planning, due to scattered event planning process
    across different platforms, mediums, software etc.;
  3. Ticket fraud that can be duplicating & selling the same ticket multiple
  4. Delayed payments to performers or non-fulfilment of obligations on behalf
    of the latter;
  5. Lack of one niche software to bring the whole organizing process inside;
  6. Lack of transparency & Protection for all parties involved;
  7. Difficulties finding new venues, gigs, partners and sponsors/sponsorships;
  8. Difficulties in finding, organizing, and tracking technical equipment which is
    rented for the event.

Question 32:- What motivated the founders of Evedo to create a community economy project?

George :- I had a client that suffered from an unnecessary intermediary that didn’t pay the money to the group that my client invited and it ruined his event and him financially. So I saw that such a solution is necessary and when Stoyan told me about the idea – I jumped immediately.

Question 33:- How does Evedo deal with the verification of the events and identity of the participants?

Stoyan Angelov :- For the moment we are in personal touch with every member of the platforms. We validate that the event organizer or the entertainer is REAL manually. For the future we are going to have some automated verification process.

Question 34:- The crypto market is becoming overcrowded with blockchain projects and tokens, what makes Evedo different from other projects?

Anton Aladzhov :- I wouldn’t say it’s becomeing overcrowded… if anything with people being a lot more familiar with the technology, the scams that can happen and overall have more common sense – all the bad projects are falling off little by little. What makes us different is that we’ve never were about raising some money and riding into the sunset like a lot of the ICO’s did. We understand the business and legal implications of doing these types of capital raising. So we’re in it for the long run, to create an awesome product and SaaS that can make the industry a lot more robust and safe to be in. Also easier for anyone that’s part of the event industry to conduct business and do what they do best. So we’re focused on making a great product and the token will benefit from that, not the other way around.

Question 35:- The total supply and circulation of Evedo is 11,756,590 EVED & Provides circulation .Does the Evedo team have a plan to increase or decrease the supply? And how will that be done to manage the supply of EVED ?

George :- The supply won’t be changed. It is an 18 decimal token so it doesn’t need changes in the supply.

Question 36:- Is there any chance that your token will be issued by another blockchain like bep2 or trc20? In addition to events, have you thought of offering courses on the platform?

Stoyan Angelov :- Yes. We are ERC 20 but as we mentioned above we are going to adopt other blockchain solutions later. Offering courses is a good idea that we already discussed 👌

Question 37:- Who are customers using EVEDO products currently ? In the future, which segments will you expand customer to?

Rick :- right now most interest comes from event organizers for conferences/festivals and agencies that are managing entertainers. long term they have the most to gain from adding a supply chain system to through work flow. venues will have a saas platform to manage ther resource and schedule events, entertainers will be able to organize their tours with scheduling tooks, and organizers will have a single place from which to communicate with their human resources.

George :- The current customers are mainly conferences and seminars, as well as some music events. We will be focusing mainly on these two categories because they have massive demand for our solution and form a huge part of the market.

Question 38:- What do you think is the biggest problem #EVEDO will solve which is not solved by other projects yet and why is the problem important to solve?

George :- The problem is the security in the industry and the lack of direct access to all service providers that the event organizers need. This leads to too much additional expenses.

Question 39:- What motivated the founders of Evedo to create a community economy project?

Stoyan Angelov :- We believe that the future of doing business is community based. That is why our goal is to create a global community for the industry one of its kind 🤞

Question 40:- Overall market has been very bad and this also impacted Evedo price during the last 2 years bear market. You cannot be very active due to ongoing domestic regulations but it would be very helpful to understand your sentiment for next year market in general and especially Evedo and updates regarding upcoming regulations been developed within your country and how this might impact Evedo positively in 2020?

Stoyan Angelov :- We think that the regulations are not necessary to be something bad. It could prevent frauds and scams. We still don’t know how exactly the different country regulations will affect but we are positive that more opportunities will open 👌

Question 41:- What inspired Evedo to tokenize the event industry? Can you tell us some of the factors functionalities that will affect the intrinsic value of the EVED Token?

George :- We believe in the absolute decentralization of the world, with blockchain playing a key role in enabling us to create diverse scalable ecosystems. These ecosystems may be perceived as value generating pools where all participants can create, measure and exchange the value of their contribution. One of the main factors that inspired Us to tokenize the event industry is the opportunity to introduce transparency, security and automation into this dynamic commercial field. Both processes (event organizing and the sale of tickets) involve numerous transactions and long ‘lockup periods’. The large scale of all events and the active demand for the use of the platform will help the token price increasing as the platform will be linked to the market directly.

Question 42:- Seeing from Evedo goal which states that we cannot equate Evedo with other blockchain projects, give me a reason why I should not equate Evedo with other blockchain ??

George :- We cannot be equated with any other blockchain project as we are aiming at providing value to an entire ecosystem. Lots of project have claimed that but none of them is doing it. Also, we will soon link our platform to the free markets and all purchases of tokens will be buy orders on the market.

Crypto friendly James :- Great AMA session !! ❤️
It was a pleasure to conduct AMA with Evedo. Thank you Guys to giving us your time from your busy schedule for this AMA!! We wish you & Evedo team good luck for future !!

Stoyan Angelov :- Thank you for the chance to present @evedoco here! We are definitely fans of your community and will stay in touch 💪🏆🥳 Wish you all health and stay safe!

George :- Thank you very much for your kindness. We want to thank also this amazing community for taking the time to talk to us and remain available for any questions that they may have! Thank you very much for enabling us to share our vision! ❤️

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