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We are glad to meet you here Mr. Dyma Budarin (CEO).

Basic Introduction of HackenAI :-

Hacken was Founded in 2017 by a team of cybersecurity experts, Hacken has quickly become the leader in the blockchain security industry with over 200 blockchain clients served. There are already 3,000 white hats registered at Hackenproof.com
We are focused on securing tech infrastructure from cybercriminals through our:-

Experienced Team:
50 years of combined experience in protecting clients of all sizes and industries including banking, manufacturing, transportation, and e-commerce.

Strong R&D and Knowledge Base:
Highly professional in-house experts regularly strengthen their skills by analyzing the latest
hacking methods shared within the HackenProof community of 2,000+ cybersecurity

Education & Network:
Hacken CyberSchool and the HackIT conference have developed a large international community of tech-savvy practitioners who deal with varying levels of cybersecurity issues.

Hacken is cooperating with industry leaders such as CoinMarketCap, Bitfury, and Etherscan
to promote cybersecurity, accountability, and transparency of the blockchain and IT industry.

Public Research:
Increasing brand awareness driven by unique research materials published in influential
media such as TechCrunch and Forbes.

AppStore (tested)
Google Play (tested)

Question 1:- Can you please explain more about HackenAi and your role at Hacken as CEO?

Dyma Budarin :- HackenAI is flagman product of Hacken group, We have build successful b2b business in blockchain security But still it is not enough to protect wide scale of users At some point we understood that we need to work on the users individual protection And that should be our main focus, We decided that we will create a cybersecurity super app, that will have:

  • all needed cybersecurity tools,
  • educational module
  • gamification element
  • modern design
  • best cybersecurity tech

If you ask what is my role as a CEO I act as a product owner at the first place I had a dive deep in every tech aspect of the application during last year And I am also responsible for ideas and roadmap As a CEO I am also responsible for fundraise Another area that I want to have progress in is application marketing I have done lots of researches on best referral programs and multilevel marketing incentives And now I want to implement ideas that we have by building decentralized sales team around our great product HackenAI.

Question 2:- What are the top 3 highlights for HackenAi in 2020?

Dyma Budarin :-

  1. Product release. 31.07 is our deadline for macOS and windows desktop versions release. And 31/10 we plan to release full version with all announced functionality.
  2. Exchanges listings. Our main marketing campaign is to promote HackenAI through HAI success and opposite. We are going to continually list our token at middle and top exchanges.
  3. Community and userbase grow. We target to have 20k active community members and 100,000 registered users by the end of the year.

Question 3:- What are the usecases of $HAI token in the whole ecosystem of Hacken?

Dyma Budarin :- $HAI main usecase is hackenAI value consolidation My aim is to build decentralized company where active community members are main stakeholders With our referral marketing campaign everyone will be able to create his own business by selling our product With build in tokenomics we create direct dependency between HAI demand and userbase grow It is much easier to pitch HackenAI app that amway products or another cryptoexchange Just because everyone needs it Imaging going to your friend and betting on him that HackenAI has his password in the DarkNet monitoring tool When he will actually see it – the sale will be easy Much easier that pitching another blockchain protocol that has 1mln transaction per second So our adoption is about creating understandable product with quite face that everybody needs All best companies like PayPal, Uber, Airbnb, Dropbox They all started with referral programs Today we release HackenAI and we advise everyone to try it and answer a question.

Does it help me to be secure in the internet?
Does it has potential to be mass adopted?
Can I share some links ?

Here is description of our DarkNet monitoring tool And it is available now Check to see your hopefully old password And get to know how long time black hat hackers know them.

Question 4:- I see Hacken AI Provides Password Manager too where we can safely store our Passwords ! But, How much secure is Hacken AI Password Manager is?

Dyma Budarin :- 1. First of all we do t know your passwords. They are stored at your device and are protected by:

  • device encryption
  • HackenAI app encryption
  • seed phrase encryption – this is known only by you
  • local password encryption
    When you want to sync your data with other devices or store at a server, then it is send using your seed phrase encryption Basically it is stored like you public bitcoin address But hacker will also need to get to the server first in order to find it So it has plus one layer on top of bitcoin encryption In cyberbootcamp we explain how it works But I am also happy to share this Our team have made deep research how to build most secure infrustructure.

Question 5:- Hello Sir @buda_kyiv
Yes, I know that @HackenAI app is about B2C or only for consumer use, But since your Blockchain Product is Really Good Enough,
Will you Switch HACKENAI app into a B2B model for Business EnterpriseS?

Dyma Budarin :- We are already successful B2B company. We have build http://Hacken.io , http://Hackenproof.com , http://CER.live And this products continuesly generate revenue The problem was that it is extremely difficult to embed tokenomics into B2B business, Because clients doesn’t want to pay in token, And this is one of the biggest problems that crypto projects are facing We realized this issue back into 2018 And HackenAI is our answer to mitigate this problem Tokenomics has to be only B2C, I am absolutely sure about it.

Question 6:- Currently, There are many Password manager tools providers in Market like LastPass, Google password manager & Hardware Trezor are available! So, How Hacken AI Password manager will be best option as well as Secure than its competitors?

Dyma Budarin :- Yes this are our competitors. Why are we better:

  • bitcoin encryption standard
  • education module
  • gamification
  • referral system – our customary are main stakeholders
  • crypto module
  • quite Mascot and modern design

Question 7:- Recently, the PoW of bitcoin was voted as the most secured blockchain network. Why did HackenAI choose VeChain that uses PoA, which relatively hasn’t been subjected to test yet by hackers?? Is PoA better than others like PoS and PoW??

Dyma Budarin :- In order to build 51% attack resistant POW blockchain protocol you need to have at least 1,000 validators. Otherwise the risk of double spend is huge, My opinion is that the world doesn’t need so much blockchain protocol And my opinion that 99% of pow except bitcoin will die POA is kind of similar to pos With important difference That all POA have the same vote and their security and integrity is audited in very details While in POs we continue to see so many scams and manipulations Dyma Budorin Like recent one when exchanges were voting on behalf by of their traders Like recent one when exchanges were voting on behalf by of their traders That was a shame to our industry in my opinion I have no doubts that POA is the most secure if you compare with POs and POw( except bitcoin – this masterpiece is forever).

Question 8:- What can Digital Asset Viewer/Tracker assist users to achieve and how did you ensure the security of #HackenAi? Right now what are the B2B products offered?

Dyma Budarin :- Digital asset tracker is in our white paper and is part of a crypto module. It will hel user to navigate all his crypto accounts. It is more of a convenience feature.

Question 9:- How will the #HackenAl reflect upon the recent economic fluctuations in market cap and volume? Will you be able to capitalize upon the increase interest in digital currency aka crypto?

Dyma Budarin :- We start low on purpose. I believe that BTC is going to grow. Lots of people will loose jobs and will search for alternative ways how to make money. Crypto will defiantly start growing this times. No doubts.

Question 10:- How will HackenAI expand in the future as regarding team members. Growing a company can be hard. Growing to fast is not always good. Will you expand to other countries? What will be the primary focus? Growing the team or expand to other regions?

Dyma Budarin :- We are going to keep low stuff number as possible. From my experience teams of 20 usually can do more than team of 50 when properly managed, Telegram team is somewhere around 20 people. I think this will be the trend – to show off how small is your team and how much can you do with it. I prefer to do sales through generous referral programs And local marketing and adoption through international partnership network.

Question 11:- What are the most difficulties you’ve faced in carrying out the $HAI Project? Do you have to be accountable for any institution and comply with any regulation?

Dyma Budarin :- We have received few league opinions that HAI is a utility, The main thing here is that we should not give free money to no one, When you hear – stack to our masternode and receive 10% yield – this is security. Or profit sharing schemes In our case our community members will have to do some work to get rewards But it is not a difficult thing to do Pitching good product to a friend and making him more secure Is even some kind of social responsibility thing Like today sharing videos about how not to get covid.

Question 12:- What strategies will you have to increase the number of users and promote the value of $ HAI after IEO like burning plan, … etc?

Dyma Budarin :- I have an idea to burn HAI received from subscription revenues, But only after we reach certain milestones and revenue levels for sustainable growth, We are very reasonable in terms of longterm vision HackenAI for all it team is main project of our life’s.

Question 13:- What are some of the tools that Hacken offers to different BlockChain platforms to reduce illegal activities related to the black market? What factors does the Hacken platform consider when organizing and managing error rewards programs?

Dyma Budarin :- CER.live is our response, We predict lots of exchanges to announce scam exit very soon, Today you don’t know the financials of exchange What are their assets and what are their liabilities We don’t know if the already used your funds like quadrigacx CEO Did.

Question 14:- Few months before my email was hacked still I don’t know how they hacked so privacy is very important to everyone so now your protected crypto user’s assets. #HAI have any plans to implement your ideas to non crypto user’s ? For example decentralised browser, application etc.

Dyma Budarin :- Check in our DarkNet monitoring tool your email. Probably you will get your answer.

Question 15:- Why should we choose you? What do you promise to our users?

Dyma Budarin :- We don’t promise. Check our product and make your own research. If you think that our product is interesting – please join our community. It is not necessary to invest. You will be able to learn and earn from being an active community member. Investing is about sharing risks and getting profits if the business plan works Our business plan is at Hacken.ai.

Question 16:- Nv gl, pwc, deloitte are working together with “vechain”, what marketing strategies have you established so far to partner with other companies in the short term? the information provided during the 6 modules of the “cyberbootcamp” is essential to preserve cyber security, do you plan to partner in the short term with other projects to provide this information, which ones?

Dyma Budarin :- Vechain foundation has selected us among many different projects at very early stage. Today we release the product and will be ready next faces of partnership integration step by step.

Question 17:- Hi team.
Is your objective also to recommend the best tools and Apps that offer better security? How to make partnership with different companies dedicated to it? I have read your security tips in your interventions, and it asks me, is there a way to Verify that the hacken ai app that we are downloading is not malicious in the first place?

Dyma Budarin :- Good one. Always download from official App Store and android play Always, Never download anything from other sites Never means never.

Question 18:- The market crash created a huge panic, most of coins lost a lot of their price percentage and caused for some projects to become slower in terms of development. Did the market crash have any side effects on Hacken and its plans? Corona had a huge impact worldwide. How’s the team of Hacken doing? Is everything alright? Did corona effect the development of Hacken?

Dyma Budarin :- We are restructuring the working habits to work from home, And to be honest I feel that we are even more productive now, Every crisis is an opportunity Our team see only opportunity here Especially launching at the deep Today’s investors are not flippers They invest long term. While when the market is too bullish, investors got their 20-30% premium and jump from project to project. We are building a top project today with highest ambitions.

Question 19:- What is your long-term vision about the industry which HackenAI project is working at? Are you afraid some day there will be another project with more innovative technology can replace HackenAI?

Dyma Budarin :- Cybersecurity is emerging Today only 3% are using password managers Market is huge.

Question 20:- If I had a company and wanted Hacken’s security services, in what case would I require Hacken. io and when Hackenproof. com? What benefits will HKN holders have that migrate to HAI in front of the new HAI holders?

Dyma Budarin :-

1. Yes, please check those website.

2. HKN holders got increased swap ratio and it was already reflected in growing marketcap since HAI introduction

Question 21:- How can you explain your project to non crypto peoples? What strategy you will use to attract non crypto investor toward Hacken AI?

Dyma Budarin :- This is the point. You don’t need to explain HackenAI from crypto point of view. You are pitching individual cybersecurity Just like brave browser They pitch privacy browser And that why they have great user base grow And it is reflect in BAT price. We follow the same strategy.

Question 22:- Can you explain us littlebit about cyber boot camp?
What is the role of cyber boot camp in Hacken project?

Dyma Budarin :- It is how the user experience begin. We start through education and sharing knowledge. Users will get first achievements and hopefully will continue.

Great AMA session !! ❤️
It was a pleasure to conduct AMA with HackenAi.

Thank you Mr. Dyma Budarin (CEO) to giving us your time from your busy schedule for this AMA!! 😊
We wish you & HackenAi team good luck for IEO and future!!❤️🔥

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Websiste :- https://hacken.ai/

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Twitter :- https://twitter.com/HackenAI

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