13 Apr

We are glad to meet you here Miss. Molly (Communication manager).

Basic Introduction about MXC Exchange :-
MXC is an exchange platform focusing on cryptocurrency assets, founded by some senior practitioner in blockchain industry and specialists from Wall Street, Japan, and Europe. MXC offers safer, smarter, and more convenient exchange services, together with selected blockchain asset, safety insurance, dedicated to building a world-leading cryptocurrency exchange platform. Its mission is “Technology Creates Value”. Headquartered in Singapore, it is able to offer one-stop services for different users, including blockchain technology development, blockchain services, digital asset trading, PoS staking, consultation, blockchain investment, etc. It is now proactively expanding its global presence. MXC Exchange, a subsidiary of MXC Group, has obtained MSB license in U.S. and MTR license in Estonia in sequence. Besides, it has established regulation-compliance teams in major markets around the globe.

Question 1:- Can you tell a bit about MXC team? What’s your roadmap for 2020?

Molly :- Yeah, sure. As I said in the first answer. MXC team was established by a group of talents in the blockchain industry and experts in the traditional financial market. 😊They are very professional and awesome, Our plan always focuses on : Providing more products, services, safety to users, and bringing MXC to all over the world. We always listen to the community about MXC’s decisions, operations. And bring MXC to the world. More plans are under construction, we will share all news on social media and community. Stay tuned. 🙂



Question 2:- After the removal of crypto ban in India other exchanges are trying to cover indian market so what’s MXC plan to cover this market better than the others??

Molly :- India is an important market, MXC has noticed that. We will have more plans in the India market, stay tuned. 😉 If you have any suggestions, plz contact me. We also welcome all crypto related Indian institutions to contact us for cooperation.❤️

MXC Indian community:- https://t.me/MXCIndian

Question 3:- As we all see In some exchanges have been attacked, users’ KYC information has been Stolen OR leaked. This situation worries users. So Question is How are KYC information protected in your Server’s? Is it possible to seize or leak KYC information?

Molly :- Yes, privacy is very important, it’s our obligation to protect users’ assets security. MXC tech team has built a comprehensive security protection system by the integration of top-notch security technology, experts in the cyber security field and an elaborately designed security protection mechanism. It holds tight in user’s ID verification and emphasizes the protection of user’s personal information leakage. Your KYC info will be very safe.

Question 4:- Can you tell us, what makes MXC stand out from other exchanges of the market today? Security is always considered as the top priority of any exchange, how does MXC protect information and ensure the security of users’ assets?

Molly :- MXC has some unique products, such as Leveraged ETF, Margin Trading (many coins are included, and we have upgraded that. It’s more smooth now) And our attention to MXC community, users.
We have a first-class security technological team. In addition, it has secured coordination with state-of-the-art security corporates on trading security, threat information report, asset protection, risk control, security consultation, digital-asset tracking, anti-money laundering, etc. Besides, the security team of MXC Exchange is able to monitor any abnormal trading in 7*24. It has created a defensive system that traps can be set on the route where hackers may pass by.

Question 5:- Exchanges are organising donations for COVID-19. I haven’t heard any news from MXC yet. What’s your contribution to fighting the disease?

Molly :- MXC has done that, mainly focuses on China, as it’s the first outbreak country. If you have joined our community or followed our twitter, you must have noticed that, MXC started looking for medical mask suppliers to purchase medical mask to donate. Especial some places that has more serious situation.


This is our leveraged ETF trading volume.

Question 6:- What is the advantage of MXC ETF’s Compare to the traditional ETF’s we use to know? (Non-Crypto)

Molly :- Yeah, leveraged ETF has advantages as transparent fees, good performance, easy to trade, high market share. We have had a battle between Leveraged tokens and Leveraged ETFs, the result is Leveraged ETF wins. you can join our community to know more 🙂

Question 7:- Will MXC have any plans of adding more altcoin contract and higher leverage option?

Molly :- many coins are available on MXC contact, which altcoin do you want to be added? 100X not enough?😂

Question 8:- What are the trading speeds and transaction fees of MXC? Currently, does MXC have any program to help users reduce transaction fees?

Molly :- the trading is very smooth, 2% trading fee. You can use MX token to enjoy fee discount. And join our some other events to get fee discount rights.

Question 9:- How often do you hold events in SpaceM? When will be next one?

Molly :- there is no certain frequency to hold Space M, you can join our community to get the latest news @MXCEnglish Our M-Day event will be held every Monday https://www.mxc.io/mDay/main I just joined the last one and earned 50% profit.

Question 10:- Recently MXC receive licences from 3 countries : Estonia, Australia and U.S how this can contribute to thr expansion of MXC and with new services will come soon thanks to this? When MXC Will add more stable coins? Recently the USDT field is very grey

Molly :- what kind of new services? You can pm me your idea, we may have a further discussion. Stable coin not in current plan, maybe in the future.

Question 11:- What is M-Day?

Molly :- M-Day is a program which will be held on Monday. Within the program, mainstream-crypto traders can enjoy discounted prices. M stands for Mainstream Cryptocurrency, Monday and MXC Exchange.

Question 12:- The two biggest exchanges at present, Binance and Huobi are implementing lending projects. Does MXC have a plan for this?

Molly :-

There is a lending project published today, you can check here https://t.me/MXCofficialNews/1088

Question 13:- What does it offer to beginning users who don’t have much knowledge about MXC? Is there any informative material that can facilitate the use of the MXC?

Molly :- You can ask admins in our communities t.me/MXCEnglish any questions or problems encountered when trading, you will be easy to get used to MXC🤟

Question 14:- Why MXC strongly believe that the leveraged ETF will never be liquidated?

Molly :- Leverage ETF is a perpetual product that there’s no settlement day. Theoretically, its price will not completely approach zero, so there’s no liquidation risks. Investors are able to buy/sell it at the secondary market at any time with no need of margin.
When the underlying assets fluctuate against the leveraged ETF you bought over a given threshold figure, the fund management party will rebalance the fund position to ensure the loss not exceeding a limited amount.

Question 15:- What are the conditions and criteria for a cryptocurrency project to be listed on your exchange? Which criteria do you think is the most important?

Molly :- We have listing team to review the projects before listing.

Question 16:- I have read about some products called ETFs, what are they and how do they benefit the growth of MXC?

Molly :- Leveraged ETF is an unique product on MXC , get more about it here https://mxc-exchange.zendesk.com/hc/en-001/articles/360038986011

It’s easy to trade, just like spot trading.

Molly :- Thank you guys for all good questions, if your question not answered, you can ask me here @MXCEnglish, would be pleasure to explain more for you 😘.

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Website :- https://www.mxc.com/

Telegram Community :- https://t.me/MXCEnglish

Twitter :- https://twitter.com/MXC_Exchange

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