02 Apr

We are glad to meet you here Mr. Elijah ifeanyi (CMO)

A small Basic Introduction of Sudan Gold Coin

SGC is one of the first projects, which combines blockchain technologies, a gold and precious metal-trading decentralized platform, and real production of gold with high transparency and fair distribution of profits with Highly professional, balanced and committed team of professionals involving IT and Digital Security Experts, Legal Advisors, Gold Mining Engineers, and Marketing Specialists and Legal framework is designed to maximize the safety and security of contributions.

James CF Team:- Okay Elijah ifeanyi Sir, Starting AMA session from my first question

Question 1:- Can you go deep and tell us about your background please? How did you get involved in cryptocurrency?

Elijah :- I am Elijah Ifeanyi CMO and Co partner SudanGoldCoin,
Vp inblocksolutions
founder of coinnewsafrica

I ventured into entrepreneurship at an early stage , and has since then built lots of fortune in my impressive flagging career, notably in Marketing and finance.with BSc in computer science, and interest in wealth management
I brought my wealth of experience into the blockchain space 5yrs back And has had remarkable success either consulting/advising start-ups, scaling them from 0-million$ in a short while

The initial journey to crypto was my interest in bitcoin then I got to understand how the blockchain works

Started as a trader before the before the birth of Binance.
Now with Sudan Gold Coin its a different ball game entirely and the best team I have worked with so far

With all very committed to the success of the project.

Question 2:- Can you tell a bit more about Sudan Gold Coin team? What’s your roadmap for 2020?

Elijah :- The Sudan Gold team is the best
With experienced and commitment, Most notably our founder MR DMITRY KONOVAL putting so much effort into making this a great success, So many people do ask how we survive the bear market for 2yrs now it’s a simple answer the whole $SGC team is determined.

We will be updating our roadmap soon to announce
huge developments structure this move is not to rest back but to show we’ve archived more, Soon they will be news regarding IMFC

Kindly stay tuned.

Question 3:- If it’s pegged to 0.004g of gold initially, so when gold price in market increase hight, how about weight per gold to token?

Elijah :- If the price of Gold increase at that time, The price per weight of Gold in token will also increase Because we didn’t peg directly to follow Gold price we choose a better option to give our investors more value

Question 4:- 30% of the PROFIT (from MINING Quarterly) will be shared to to investors/holders, Which is so nice.
But May I ask, What happens with the remaining 70% PROFIT?
Is the profit-sharing LIFETIME or not?

Elijah :- 70% will be used for operational cost and expanding our business and ecosystem growth. As long as we are in making profit we keep going and I don’t see us stopping.

Question 5:- Will the price of sgc be backed by the prices of real gold bars?
Do you have a swap function where I can swap my sgc token for real gold bars and how will they be shipped to my location?

Elijah :- We have a unique swap function integrated into our platform to enable holders of SGC swap thier $SGC to physical Gold by giving contact details. This Gold equivalent of the token weight you exchange will be sent directly from our vault in Dubai to you and all sgc token involved in such transaction will be destroyed reducing supply. Price is related to weight of Gold in each $SGC.

Question 6:- Later this year you expect to launch the International Mineral Finance Corporation (IMFC)? What highlights can you show us now? Who will be its potential users?

Elijah :- Nothing to show for now but soon we will have news on this, Stay with us it will be a huge step forward, It will be used by other mining companies who wants to explore or expand their mining operations.

Question 7:- Gold mining has brought problems to the country by guerrillas located in certain areas. Is the SGC not affected by this type of conflict or does it have the full backing and protection of the Sudanese government for gold mining?

Elijah :- We are licensed and regulated by the Government in conjuction to this we work closely with the sudanese Government and on the last meeting our CEO was able to meet with Sudanese prime Minister and CBS Governor

So it’s good
Our investors are in safe hands

CEO of Sudan Gold Coin

Question 8:- I understand that $SGC IEO is now live on three platforms namely ChainX, Dobi and ExMarkets.

How has it been going so far in terms of participation and feedbacks? Can new members still participate in the IEO? If yes, what are the eligibility criteria of joining the IOE sale and the bonus involved?

Elijah :- Response has been encouraging despite the pendemic taking the world by storm but we are seeing huge progress

You definitely can

Various exchanges has its own requirements
But from personal experience Exmarkets is the most user friendly

Question 9:- What’s your outlook on the future of cryptocurrencies (especially $SGC)? What can we do to keep increasing adoption? Will you expand your product or just focus in gold?

Elijah :- We will explore and expand into precious metals too after launching Gold mining

Future of cryptocurrency is great and still growing its an evolving space with blockchain having so many use cases yet to be explored yet.

Question 10:- There is any fixed amount of $SGC tokens in ecosystem? Right now what is the total circulating supply? How many #SGC tokens back up one gram of real gold?

Elijah :- Yes, fixed supply at 999,999,999 SGC
And a Circulating supply of 250,000,000 SGC

1sgc= 0.004g

Question 11:- SGC right now are focusing on the marketing and plant develop, but there are plans to create your own mainnet to migrate the token? One of the goals of 2021 is scaling factories and plants, this mean SGC will open others mining plants? Where? outside sudan?

Elijah :- Yes, For growth of our ecosystem we’ve put on pipeline plans to have our own blockchain at some point relating to development, Right now we are only exploring one site, We will open another soon, All mining activities will be in Sudan.

Question 12:- The holding company is located in Estonia, why if the project is based in Sudan and Dubai the holding company is in Estonia? Are there restrictions on the use of cryptocurrencies in Sudan?

Elijah :- Not at all, Each jurisdiction we registered with serves different purposes for our project, We have obtain all licenses to operate in any of those locations, Sudan will mine gold and we are fully regulated and licensed to operate, Dubai will hold and store all Gold mined in Sudan $SGC gold Vault
Registered, regulated and licensed, Estonia to control on crypto related details in $SGC, So if you understand this it will show we have fully taking all good measures to ensure we comply.

Question 13:- Due to the outbreak of the global crisis, the price of gold continues to rise. Do you think this will be positive for your project? Or are these jumps temporary?

Elijah :- It’s always a positive news for our business but not to our community and supporters, AS we do not want this virus to continue, We wish all affected speedy recovery and urge everyone to stay safe.

Question 14:- Can you convince us about long-term potential increase in SGC token market value?

Elijah :- Holders of SGC will benefit from 30%profit sharing, And with our mining operations set to grow on full launch the weight of Gold per token will significantly increase giving investors good value for money, In $SGC we have created a stable digital assets which will curb crypto volatility, With our huge ecosystem and more product set to be launched, $SGC will be the fuel to power our ecosystem with the ever increasing demand, We see reasons to hold.

Question 15:- Do you plan to create short-term business alliances with marketing agencies, which ones?, Besides gold, what other precious metal would you like to market in the short term?

Elijah :- We have other this sort of agreement already, We have a rich land and we will explore other minerals, This will be launched after Gold mining.

Question 16:- What is the mining process of SGC?, Which safety functions are providing by SGC?
We use deep excavation/drilling process for mining
-Gold mining
-Debit card functions
-Decentralized platform for trading gold and other precious metals
-minerals mining

Sudan Gold Coin IEO is live with 25% bonus On


Pictures from The CEO of Sudan gold coin

Great AMA session !! ❤️
It was a pleasure to conduct AMA with Sudan Gold Coin.

Thank you Mr. Elijah ifeanyi (CMO) sir to giving us your time from your busy schedule for this AMA!! 😊

We wish you & Sudan Gold Coin team good luck for future !!❤️🔥

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